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Publication: Aftermath: legacies and memories of war in Europe, 1918-1945-1989

Edited by Nicholas Martin, University of Birmingham, UK, Tim Haughton, University of Birmingham, UK and Pierre Purseigle,

University of Warwick, UK

Introduction: through the fog of war,Pierre Purseigle
Generations and the ruptures of 1918, 1945 and 1989 in Germany, Mary Fulbrook
Times of death: the Great War and Serbia’s 20th century, John Paul Newman
Politicising commemoration in 20th-century Latvia, Geoffrey Swain
Pluralism and the problem with collective memory: Japanese peace and war museums in a comparative context, Aaron William Moore
Beyond mental: avant-garde culture and war, Stephen Forcer
Between cultural conflict and cultural contact: German writers and cultural diplomacy in the aftermath of the First World War, Tara Windsor
The haunting of Roland D.: Roland Dorgelès, remembering the dead, and the long aftermath of the Great War (1919–1940), Martin Hurcombe
Defining deaths: Richard Titmuss’s Problems of Social Policy and the meaning of Britain’s Second World War, Dan Todman
Remembrance, religion and reconciliation after the fall of the Soviet Union, Gabriela Welch
Thinking about silence, Jay Winter
The long shadows and mixed modes of history: concluding reflections on the aftermath and legacies of war, Tim Haughton and Nicholas Martin


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