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Our Journal: First World War Studies

First World War Studies
Volume 6, 2015: Issue 1

Special Issue: Commemorating the Disabled Soldier

Special Issue Guest Editor: Pieter Verstraete, Martina Salvante & Julie Anderson Buy this Issue


Commemorating the disabled soldier: 1914-1940
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‘Jumpy Stump’: amputation and trauma in the first world war
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‘Thanks to the Great War the blind gets the recognition of his ability to act’: the rehabilitation of blinded servicemen in Florence
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‘A painful and disagreeable position’: rediscovering patient narratives and evaluating the difference between policy and experience for institutionalized veterans with mental disabilities, 1924–1931
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War disabled on screen: remembering and forgetting the Great War in the Russian and Soviet cinema, 1914–1940
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Prosthesis for the body and for the soul: the origins of guide dog provision for blind veterans in interwar Germany
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